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Surf Life Saving Club

Opening 1st  Life Saving Club
 Official opening of the first
 Scarborough Life Saving
 Club building 28 Jan 1934
On Saturday, December 30th, 1916 tragedy struck this popular swimming and fishing beach. Five men sacrificed their lives in a vain attempt to save the life of Kathleen Gornall, a 16 year old girl, who was in trouble in the surf. This brought public attention to the dangers of this metropolitan beach. On 14th January, 1928 a newspaper article, sighting the need to form a Life Saving Club brought in a fantastic response, resulting in enormous donations being sent in and 50 members enrolling. The Scarborough Surf Life Saving Club officially came into existence. Mr Stuart was the first President and Stan Ewen became Scarborough's first Beach Inspector and Club Captain.
The heavy wooden surf board was introduced and Scarborough became the most popular surfing beach in the metropolitan area with a bus service to the beach.
On 28th January, 1934 the first Scarborough Surf Life Saving Club building was officially opened.
In 1978, the 50th anniversary of Scarborough Surf Life Saving Club, Scarborough was really put on the map when a TV Special, the "Bob Hope Show Down Under", shown coast to coast in Australia and America, filmed a 2 hour segment on members of the Surf Club.

Surf carnival
 One of the many Australian and State Surf Carnivals
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All communities need some social activities and entertainment and until the 1930's very little was available at Scarborough, in terms of organised or commercial entertainment. There were some places where skittles were played, commonly known as SKITLO, a very popular game at that time but that was about all.

Snake Pit
 The infamous "Snake Pit"
In the mid 1930's Lunar Park, a fairground, was opened and by 1939 it was in full swing. Bathing Beauty Contests were the highlight of the summer season, much to delight of the residents and visitors. A platform was erected for the contests in the centre of Luna Park.
Every Tuesday, the Anglican Church held dances at the Delphi Tea rooms.
In the mid 1950's, 1000 young people were regularly gathering and dancing at their favourite place, the "Snake Pit".
In 1972 the historic Scarborough Luna Park was demolished.
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Businesses were few and far between in the 1930's and the few that existed were very much summer trading only. Robbie, (Athol Robertson) who owned a truck and lived in Osborne Park brought fruit & vegetables out to the beach each weekend and later built a small store.
The Harvey family who owned a newsagency in Mount Hawthorn built a small lock-up shop in the area too.

 Scarborough Hotel
 Built in 1938 Demolished mid 1980
Others started providing services as the demand grew: Harold Millet's Scarborough Bus Coy in 1927(see Road Development) and later Mr Briton began his water delivery service (see Water Supply).
The local bakery was opened in early 1930 by Gerry Taylor and the local butcher opened the Meat and Ice Company at the same time.
The local Hotel was built in 1938 and served the community for more than 45 years until it was demolished in mid 1980.
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